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a complete line of PCL emulation and conversion products

JetPCL® is used for converting PCL data (HP LaserJet printer data) into electronic document images for viewing, printing, faxing, emailing, archiving, web publishing and other purposes. JetPCL can be easily integrated into new and existing products or in-house IT solutions. Using JetPCL, any application that can print to an HP LaserJet printer can be seamlessly integrated with any application that will accept a document image as input.

JetPCL Enterprise Server

JetPCL Enterprise Server emulates a PCL (Printer Control Lanquage) printer to produce an image file that looks exactly like what would be printed on paper. JetPCL can render data into a variety of output image formats including PDF (the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format), standard TIFF Class-F, Windows BMP, DCX, PCX and other related formats.

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JetPCL Service Provider

JetPCL Service Provider is commonly used by "business-to-business" service providers to develop high quality fax and email document delivery solutions. They use JetPCL Service Provider to generate an image file from PCL data that is then either faxed, emailed, previewed, provided to clients through a browser based interface, or archived in a document image database along with indexing information.

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JetPCL Software Developer

JetPCL Software Developer is a high quality HP (Hewlett Packard) PCL emulation tool that you can integrate into your software product for distribution. It is designed specifically for integration. It is easy to integrate and runs extremely fast.

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JetPCL Document Capture

JetPCL Document Capture is a desktop print driver designed to be used either as a stand alone end user electronic document capture utility or as an interface into a larger server based electronic document application. It captures a printed document from the users desktop and renders it using JetPCL into an electronic document in Adobe PDF or standard TIFF format. When finished, it can be configured to launch a viewer so the user can see the output.

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JetPCL Print Filter

JetPCL Print Filter is a single user Windows desktop product that enables non-PCL printers to print PCL data. With JetPCL Print Filter installed, a PCL data stream can be sent directly to a non-PCL printer, resulting in a properly printed page.

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JetPCL Batch Process

JetPCL Batch Process is a Windows graphical interface used in conjunction with one of the JetPCL command line products to enable automated batch processing features. This program is commonly used with the JetPCL Enterprise Server product licensed separately.

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JetPCL Desktop

JetPCL Desktop is a Single User Windows program that converts PCL files into various electronic document image formats. It is intended for individual users that need to easily convert PCL files into Adobe Acrobat PDF, Standard TIFF, Windows BMP or DCX files for viewing, faxing, emailing or other purposes.

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JetPCL's ability to convert between document images and PCL allows documents to be instantly converted into images that can then be viewed, transported (fax or email), published (as part of a web application) or archived in a document management system. Many of our customers utilize JetPCL to develop high use in-house fax/email document delivery and archiving solutions which process thousands of documents each day. JetPCL can also translate image file formats into other image file formats or into PCL or Postscript for printing. JetPCL products can be useful in the realization of the paperless office by connecting your document processing applications through PCL.

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