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creator of JetPCL®, PCL conversion software

Tech Know Systems, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is located in Whitefish Montana in the USA. Tech Know Systems is a privately owned Montana Corporation. We can be reached during Mountain Standard Time business hours.

Tech Know Systems' primary clients are software developers, business service providers and corporate IT departments. These clients need electronic document conversion and storage solutions; Tech Know Systems provides the solution using PCL (Printer Control Language) emulation. Tech Know Systems also offers custom software development, expert PCL language consulting and general consulting services involving PCL processing.

Tech Know Systems' flagship product is JetPCLŽ, a PCL emulation software. The concept for JetPCL was created in 1991 by Crandell Development Corporation as LaserFAX. The product became known as JetPCL and quickly gained popularity; since the early 1990's nearly a half million copies have been in use around the globe! The most notable products that used JetPCL in the mid-1990's are the Intel SatisFaxtion Board, Alcom LanFax and WordPerfect ExpressFax products. Today, the Captaris RightFax, Esker DeliveryWare and VSI-FAX products all benefit from using JetPCL.

JetPCL is used for converting PCL data (HP LaserJet printer data) into electronic document images for viewing, printing, faxing, emailing, archiving, web publishing and other purposes. JetPCL is integrated into many industry-leading products and has been converting PCL data fast and accurately for over 15 years. JetPCL can be easily integrated into new and existing products or in-house IT solutions such as enterprise fax servers, e-mail delivery systems, document archive systems, web applications and enterprise internet/intranet web publishing applications. In a nutshell, with JetPCL, any application that can print to an HP LaserJet printer can be seamlessly integrated with any application that will accept a document image as input.

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