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Brooks Internet Software Integrates JetPCL with RPM Remote Print Manager

Enables RPM to Easily Convert PCL to Text, PDF and Other Formats.

Idaho Falls, Idaho, July 29, 2013 - Brooks Internet Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise output management (EOM), today announced it has integrated JetPCL® technology provided by Tech Know Systems®, with RPM Remote Print Manager® v6 (RPM). Tech Know Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of PCL emulation software for the document imaging, document delivery and paperless office industries. The integration allows RPM v6 users to easily and quickly convert HP's industry standard Printer Command Language (PCL) into PDF, TIFF, BMP and other document and image formats. Text may also be extracted from the PCL data stream for intelligent document routing.

"Many of our customers need to save print jobs in PDF and other formats, as part of their enterprise document management process. Now that we have integrated JetPCL into RPM v6, it's much easier to process print jobs this way," said Dave Brooks, President of Brooks Internet Software, Inc. "JetPCL is one of the best in the business at interpreting PCL and making an accurate image in a variety of formats."

"Given that RPM is in use by a variety of businesses around the world and many enterprises are moving toward the paperless office, it's no surprise there is demand for accurately converting PCL into PDF, TIFF and other document image formats," said Joseph Puglielli, President of Tech Know Systems, the developer of JetPCL. "This is an ideal combination of enterprise print management and PCL emulation technologies." Companies that require PCL imaging as part of their RPM solution can now easily purchase a fully integrated JetPCL license for use with RPM.

RPM is a Windows print server that adds value to LPD print jobs by enabling complex work flows. The software works with Linux, CUPS, Solaris and HP-UX, as well as legacy systems including System i and mainframes. Tech Know Systems specializes in electronic document imaging and document capture. The company supports thousands of customers that require very fast and accurate rendering of PCL.

About Brooks Internet Software
Brooks Internet Software, Inc. ( develops TCP/IP network printing solutions which allow Windows-based computers to receive print data from platforms such as Unix and IBM Power Systems. The data can then be transformed, processed, formatted and delivered to a single destination or multiple destinations simultaneously. Brooks Internet Software, Inc.'s RPM Remote Print Manager (RPM) is a software-based print server for Windows platforms. RPM supports the major print protocols (LPD and Stream). RPM also modifies data on demand, including deletions, insertions and appends. In addition, RPM produces PDFs, prints to Windows printers, and can drive many printers directly at higher speeds. RPM can simultaneously send a single print job to multiple printers, format and send emails and archive to disk. Using RPM, print jobs can be archived to any folder, including network shares. For more information, visit

About Tech Know Systems
Tech Know Systems, Inc. ( is the maker of JetPCL® products, a PCL language emulation and document imaging line of products for enterprises, service providers and software developers. JetPCL is used for converting PCL data (HP LaserJet printer data) into document images for viewing, faxing, emailing or archiving. JetPCL is integrated into many industry-leading products and has been converting PCL data fast and accurately since the early 1990s. JetPCL products are available on a variety of platforms including Windows Win32, Windows X64, Linux and UNIX. JetPCL is available for easy integration into new and existing products. JetPCL Evaluation Kits are available at

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JetPCL integrated into new release of Millennial Vision Inc.'s DCS v2.4

MVi's enhanced DCS v2.4 provides financial institutions with faster, more streamlined loan processing, and the ability to have electronic document images appear exactly as they would when printed on a HP LaserJet (PCL) printer.

SALT LAKE CITY - May 21, 2009 - Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi), a national reseller of Laserfiche document management solutions and provider of paperless technologies to financial institutions, released the latest version of its Document Capture System (DCS) v2.4-a solution allowing users to capture print documents electronically and become paperless.

MVi's newest version of DCS allows users to digitally capture their documents-including Membership Cards, Loan Documents and most other Windows or Unix PCL printable documents, add electronic signatures and other required annotations, and automatically store them into their document management archival system, creating a seamless process for the user.

MVi's DCS product also provides financial institutions with remote signature capability between branch offices so the loan process can be completed faster, helping reduce the account holder's wait time.

DCS v2.4 is significant because MVi has partnered with Tech Know Systems - a leading provider of PCL (Printer Control Language) emulation software for the electronic document delivery industry - to integrate its JetPCL® technology into DCS v2.4.

The JetPCL component enhances MVi's DCS product by automatically handling the PCL conversion, providing the user with a straight-through-process. DCS v2.4 now has greater processing capabilities, including improved accuracy, higher-quality images, and faster speed.

The enhanced accuracy of DCS v2.4 is important to financial institutions that require loan and other pertinent documents to appear exactly as they would when printed on an HP LaserJet (PCL) printer.

"Our goal is to provide financial institutions with the best products possible," says Bill Poulter, President of MVi. "We feel that our DCS v2.4 release provides users with greater capabilities, allowing them to streamline their processes and become more efficient. We look forward to our new partnership with Tech Know Systems and feel that their JetPCL technology has played an important role in helping us improve our DCS product."

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Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi), provider of paperless technologies to financial institutions

Tech Know Systems and Esker Software expand partnership to include JetPCL® in Esker DeliveryWare Platform

WHITEFISH, Mont., and MADISON, Wis., February 3, 2003 - Tech Know Systems, a leading provider of PCL emulation software for the fax and document delivery industry, and Esker Software, worldwide provider of solutions for the electronic delivery of business documents and information, have expanded their existing relationship. Esker now incorporates Tech Know Systems' JetPCL PCL emulation technology in its Esker DeliveryWare Platform product line.

"The recent agreement to integrate JetPCL into Esker DeliveryWare reinforces our long-standing business partnership," said Joseph Puglielli, President of Tech Know Systems. Tech Know Systems' relationship with Esker dates back to 1993 with the integration of JetPCL technology into Esker VSI-FAX, a leading multi-platform enterprise fax solution.

JetPCL enables both Esker DeliveryWare and VSI-FAX to emulate and deliver high-quality, accurate images from PCL documents. The document images appear exactly as they would when printed on an HP LaserJet (PCL) printer. This accuracy is important to the insurance, medical, legal, real estate, and many other industries requiring delivery of documents that appear the same as if printed on a high-end office printer.

New JetPCL features also allow Esker DeliveryWare to extract text from PCL files. "This text extraction feature is one of the advanced automation technologies that make Esker DeliveryWare such a powerful e-document delivery solution. Based on information extracted from the PCL print stream, Esker DeliveryWare intelligently re-formats, addresses, and routes documents to any destination," said Lynn Weatherby, Vice President of Marketing at Esker.

Tech Know Systems' JetPCL technology has been integrated into leading fax industry products since 1990. Tech Know Systems acquired the PCL emulation technology formerly developed by Crandell Group Inc. and briefly owned by JetFax, Inc. For more information, visit the Tech Know Systems web site at

About Tech Know Systems
Tech Know Systems is the maker of JetPCL®, a PCL language emulation product for software developers. JetPCL is used for converting PCL data (HP LaserJet printer data) into images for viewing, faxing, emailing or archiving. JetPCL is integrated into many industry-leading products and has been converting PCL data fast and accurately for over 10 years. JetPCL supports:

  • PCL-4, PCL-5, PCL-5-Enhanced, HP-GL/2 and PCL-XL input formats
  • TIFF Class-F, Acrobat PDF, Group 3 (MH) or Group 4 (MMR) formats
  • All Windows Win32 platforms and many Unix and Linux platforms.
JetPCL is available for easy integration into new and existing products. A JetPCL Evaluation Kit is available at

About Esker Software
Esker Software solutions connect people and information. Providing access to enterprise host systems and enabling delivery of business information from any enterprise source to any destination, Esker solutions include:

  • Esker DeliveryWare Platform
  • Esker Fax™, Esker VSI-FAX®, and Esker VSI-FAX for Notes
  • Persona® by Esker, SmarTerm® by Esker, and Tun®Plus by Esker.
Esker is traded on Euronext-the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marché/Euroclear: 3581). With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific, Esker has shipped over 80,000 document solutions and has a host-access installed base of more than two-million licensed users. For more information, visit

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